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Allison Raskin


Hello and welcome to my very fancy website! My name is Allison Raskin and I do a bunch of different things! I’m a New York Times bestselling author who has written two YA novels and one non-fiction book that examines the intersection of mental health and romantic relationships!


I’m a screenwriter who has developed shows with FX, Netflix, MTV, YouTube Red and 20th Century Television. (You can’t watch any of these shows because they died in development, but I promise the scripts exist and are pretty good!)


I also do a lot of things on the Internet. These include my YouTube channel, Just Between Us, which has over 170,000,000 views and my mental health focused Instagram account Emotional Support Lady. I’m also a podcast creator and host. And I’m currently in school to get a master’s in psychology so I can continue to write about all things mental health from a more informed point of view. In summary, I love to write, create content, advocate for mental health awareness and pet my rescue dog Sugar, even when she would prefer to be left alone. Click around for more info!

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